Transition Program

We believe at Oberon that this process is essential for the successful introduction of new students to the secondary setting.  As such, considerable resources are devoted to the following program to facilitate this transition:

  • Primary schools visit Oberon for classes during April and May to get a ‘feel’ for the secondary environment
  • Selected Oberon students from years 7 to 10 visit several primary schools and present lessons to grade 5 and 6 students
  • Individual parent/student visits for those who would like additional information
  • Information Evening during May
  • Visits to the grade 6 teacher of all students coming to Oberon by our staff during November/December
  • Written reports from grade 6 teachers discussed with Oberon staff
  • Contact with District Welfare staff regarding students requiring additional assistance
  • Parent Information Evening in October
  • Staff take two days to allocate student into Houses and then form groups
  • Three day orientation during December
  • Three day year 7 form camps during the first weeks of term 1
  • Year 7 Parent/Teacher afternoon in March
  • Specialised transition programs are developed for students identified with special needs


“My first day of year 7 I was a bit nervous but not really because I got to know a lot of people on the Orientation days and I felt comfortable because I knew these people and the teachers were really nice.”

Oberon High School has for many years had a three-day orientation program during December.  The aim of the program is to provide students with a complete taste of high school life and to dispel any apprehensions they may feel.

We have found that during the three days the students become familiar with the school routine and begin year 7 secure in the school environment.