Year 9 Maths

Subject Description

Students are placed in maths classes of like ability to assist with students pushing each other to strive for improvement.
In Year 9 Mathematics, students will continue to develop their proficiency within the content strands Number and Algebra, Measurement and Reasoning, and Statistics and Probability.

The following topics are covered at Year 8:
– Linear & Simultaneous equations
– Pythagoras’ theorem
– Trigonometry
– Indices & surds
– Linear graphing
– Intro to quadratic equations

Equipment & Text

Essential Mathematics for the Australian CurriculumYear 9

Additional equipment required will be:
– Calculator
– Ruler
– Maths exercise book

Special Comments

“The challenge of problem solving to get the correct answer, motivates me to improve my maths skills” Stephen (Year 9 Ext Maths student)