Principal’s Welcome

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“Shape your future, go one better”

We know the selection of a secondary school is as important to you as it is to your child. You need good information to help make a thoughtful choice.
Outstanding academic results and a rich program of activities that foster development of the whole person sustain our tradition. These co-curricular activities draw on Oberon High School’s 50-year history and include the house system together with music, sport and leadership programs.
Oberon High School’s students, teachers and parents make up a diverse learning community. Respect and trust are fundamental to learning, personal growth and quality relationships. By putting these qualities into practice, students and staff ensure that together we achieve success, and successfully solve our problems. Oberon High School has always had high expectations of its students. We confidently believe that high expectations empower students to be responsible for their own behaviour and learning.
Young people journey through distinct stages of personal growth. To nourish our students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being, Oberon High School matches educational programs and levels of pastoral care to these developmental stages.


Oberon High School’s Mission is to develop students who:

• love learning
• possess the skills and attitudes that enable them to be lifelong learners and responsible global citizens
• are capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism.

Together, our students shape our future. They inspire the work we do today. They underpin the aspirations of each member of our learning community.
Our Vision and Values are founded on the four pillars of learning:

• Learning to Think, Know and Understand
• Learning to Do
• Learning to Live Together
• Learning to Be

We look forward to responding to any other questions you may have. Please ask us. Your questions are the seeds of an active partnership between us that will grow with your child.


Tim McMahon