Inclusion Program


Oberon High School is committed to the provision of an inclusive education that enables students with disabilities to fully participate in the educational programs provided by the school.
A feature at Oberon High School is the Student Resource Room where staff assist students with:

* individual learning programs
* literacy and mathematics support
* one to one assistance
* educational assessments
* small group work
* supported study

Students are able to access this room during recess and lunchtime to play games and chat.

Students with disabilities who attend Oberon High School have access to all courses, facilities and activities of the school, as well as buildings and grounds. The school has easy access for all students to be able to use the school’s facilities. There are ramps for wheelchair access throughout the school. Automatic doors and a lift exist to also assist student movement around the school.

Students follow the regular program and are withdrawn only when it is considered that special attention is required. Integration aides provide assistance to classroom teachers.