Careers & Pathways

Oberon High school has a strong commitment to Career Education and Pathways planning at all year levels. Students participate in Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) programs designed to prepare them for their subject selections and career decisions as they move through school to the work force and further study.  Oberon High school offers many vocational learning opportunities through its Vocational Education Training (VET) and School Based Apprenticeships and training (ASBAT). When student are 15 years of age they are able to undertake work place observation through the work experience program.

Our Careers centre is open during school hours for students to access information and advice about Career Pathways. Parents are welcome to make an appointment to consult with our qualified careers staff with any queries regarding their child’s pathway decisions.

Career education is imbedded into all aspects of our school curriculum in accordance with ‘Career Education Curriculum Framework’ policy. In years 7 and 8 students complete Careers units in their Humanities classes where they experience a range of activities where they explore the world of work and their personal strengths and attributes to enable them to make successful career decisions in the future.

In Years 9 and 10 Career education is tailored to enable students to be ready for the work place and make wise subject selections for the later years.  In English, Year 9 students participate in a ‘Work Ready’ program. They complete resumes and a cover letter in class. The program culminates in a ‘Mock Interview’ event. This is a community partnership undertaken with Deakin University Graduate Diploma of Learning. Students arrive at school for an interview with Deakin’s students, who will give written feedback of the interview for each student.  This program finishes with students applying for their Tax File Numbers.

Year 10 students undertake an Occupational Health and Safety program and many undertake the industry ‘Construction Induction Card’. Many begin a VET subject or begin school based traineeships.  Work placement is encouraged to give students the opportunity to experience the work force first hand. Particular attention is given to a student’s future subject choice in year 10. VCE Preparation events take place and each student has a personal consultation (MIPs Interview) with Careers staff to better understand the connection of subject selection to future pathways. This is reinforced in Mathematics classes with students undertaking a Career Pathway exploration which investigates personal strengths and interests and matches these to fields of study, areas of training and employment.

VCE students participate in a number of motivational study programs. MIPs counselling sessions expose them to the range of career choices available beyond school through VCE and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) programs.

Years 10 and 11 begin their next school year in the last week of these years. The VCP(VCE Commencement Program) is set up to begin classes for the following year to enable students to understand fully the commitment expected in their chosen subjects, to obtain holiday preparation and to ensure a smooth start to the following school year.

Year 12 students undertake an extensive Pathways program to enable them to make the most of their study to make a successful transition to further study or employment. They have a series of speakers and attend a number of regional information events which include university and TAFE visits.

Oberon High School takes an active role in your child’s future pathway and seeks out every opportunity to help them achieve the very best transition through school and to their lives beyond.