School uniform is compulsory for all students in Year 7-12.

Parents/Carers need to ensure students are wearing correct uniform. A note is required when out of uniform, with an out of uniform pass to be obtained from the Assistant Principals.

Correct school uniform should be worn to and from school, at school, and on school excursions. Students seen outside the school in school uniform ought to behave in a manner that enhances the school’s reputation in the community.


School policy states that extreme hair styles or extensive jewellery are not acceptable at Oberon High School.  Jewellery should be kept to a minimum and should not be of a type that could cause injury.

One simple ring is allowed. Necklaces and chains should not be visible.

Availability of School Uniform

Uniform items may be purchased from PSW Geelong, 164 Malop Street, Geelong, Phone: (03) 9768 0383 or from the 2nd Hand Uniform Shop at Oberon (Open Friday’s 1:00-1:45pm)