House Teams

The House System Year 7 – 12 (Pastoral Care)

The school is divided into four vertical groups, or Houses, for years 7 to 12. Each House has its own House Leader and Assistant House Leader. The four Houses are: Cameron (yellow), Greeves (blue), Lipson (red) and Thomson (green). The House system provides a structure for all matters relating to the welfare and management of students in years 7 – 12. It gives students a sense of belonging that will hopefully reduce any feelings of isolation associated with being part of a large student body. The House system provides parents with a ready point of contact for any concerns they have about their child and allows House Leaders and Assistant House Leaders (often working in association with Assistant Principals, Home Group teachers and/or Chaplain, Student Wellbeing Manager) to deal with social or disciplinary concerns more effectively.

Considerable effort is made when placing students in their House and classes. Students are usually allocated to the same House as older brothers/sisters so that contact can be maintained with the families of students and their parents. Other factors that may impact on the House/class allocation include: primary school recommendations, parent requests, gender balance within a form and the students’ language selection.

The Later Years Program Leader and their Assistant is responsible for senior students as they undertake their VCE, VCAL and VET studies and ensures there is the appropriate level of support for all senior students. The Pathways team will regularly consult with students in year 11 and 12 to consider their post school options.

If parents have concerns about any aspect of their child’s progress, behaviour or well being they should have no hesitation in contacting the relevant Home Group Teacher or House Leader. Parents are welcome to contact either the Principal, an Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing Manager or the Chaplain.