School Profile

Oberon High School has a belief that all students have the ability to learn, no matter what their socio-economic background or their educational capability.  This philosophy is reflected in the school mantra of ‘shape your future … go one better’. 

Oberon seeks to provide a learning environment in which students:
· strive for and respect high achievement in all areas
· learn to challenge, discriminate and accept responsibility for their actions
· develop social skills and values based on principles of tolerance and understanding

Established in 1963, Oberon High School is a single campus years 7 – 12 that has just relocated to brand new state of the art facility in Armstrong Creek, approximately 12 kilometres south of the centre of Geelong. The student population of 850 is drawn from a wide urban, rural and coastal area.

The school offers a comprehensive program which includes a core curriculum in years 7 and 8 (English, Mathematics, Science, Languages –  German and Indonesian, Technology, Arts, Humanities, Health and Physical Education). Students in these year levels experience up to eight different areas of Art/Technology during the two years. At years 9 to 12 a wide range of pathways are available. These include VCE, Vocational Education Training (VET), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and school-based apprenticeships. Students are encouraged to select units which best meet their interest and abilities. This allows students to extend their learning.

Along with a BYOD iPad program the school has excellent computer facilities. The library is a first-class resource, offering a safe haven for students to enrich their learning in a safe and supporting environment. The gymnasium and music/drama complex provide first class facilities for physical education and the performing arts. The school offers extensive extra–curricular activities including:

  • Individual and team sport opportunities
  • Annual drama production
  • Jazz band, instrumental music & extensive choir program
  • Extensive camps program including; Central Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia, Germany and much more
  • Academic extension with Science & Engineering Challenge
  • Debating and Public Speaking Festivals
  • “School for Student Leadership” and “Bogong Alpine Leadership” camp opportunities
  • Enviro Team – Getting involved in Costal regeneration projects

Leadership is important at Oberon High School. With a strong student voice beginning with our school captains, students are encouraged to make the most of opportunities to extend their leadership skills.

A strong emphasis is placed on a caring, supportive environment with student welfare and management provided done across each year level. Connect Groups occur across all year levels allowing students to develop a strong connection with a significant teacher. Year Level Managers are responsible for student welfare and management and are supported by the School Chaplain, Student Wellbeing Manager and the administration.

The school attracts strong community support with the School Council providing both leadership and service to the school.

Years 7 and 8 students are designated significant teachers, who are able to support students through the junior years at Oberon. This caring nature underpins the strong culture of respect that allows Oberon to continue to be the school of choice in the area.