Parent Involvement


Parents are strongly encouraged to maintain their involvement with their child’s school.  There are many opportunities for parents to help or participate in activities at school.  Parents are needed to assist in the canteen, be part of the Chaplaincy Group, support the music program and help with second hand uniform and book sales.  Parents are welcome to suggest ways they may wish to be involved in Oberon High School.

School Council
The Oberon School Council comprises of 15 members; 6 parents, 5 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) representatives which includes the Principal, and 4 co-opted members.  Council meetings are held on a regular basis, usually twice a term.

An important part of the education process is providing feedback and information regarding the progress of students. Parents are issued with Interim reports at the end of Term 1 and Term 3. Detailed reports that indicate progress against the Victoria Curriculum F-10 are provided at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Students for whom English is an additional language are assessed against the AusVELS EAL Companion or Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL achievement standards. VIC Curric F-10 End of semester reports provide feedback to parents about students’ learning progress and achievement in each subject area using a five-point scale, against age level expectations within the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

Parents can also request additional progress reports or they are free to contact individual teachers to discuss matters of concern.  In special circumstances teachers will contact parents to discuss a student’s progress.

Parent, teacher and student conferences are held after the interim reports have been issued.  This allows action to be taken during the semester and ensures that parents are effectively kept in touch with their child’s progress.  Informal discussions are invited whenever either party feels that it is necessary.

Fortnightly Newsletter
Each Friday fortnight, a newsletter is distributed outlining coming events, past happenings, student achievement and other matters of interest to parents.  Members of the school community may also include notices.  To access an electronic copy of the newsletter please click here.

House Leaders and Assistants
The House Leader and Assistant House Leader are a vital point of communication between home and school.  House teachers work closely with House Leaders to support families.  Parents are encouraged to contact these key staff members should they be at all concerned about their son or daughter.