Enhancement Program

2023 Enhancement Program

2023 Enhancement Program applicants need to  download and complete the above form. Please return the completed form  to oberon.hs@education.vic.gov.au or mail to 163 Batten Road by Friday 6th May.

Select Entry Enhancement Program
Features of the Select Entry Enhancement Program at Oberon High School:

  • Select entry class for students who demonstrate a high level of ability in a range of areas including; Academic, Leadership, Citizenship and Innovation.
  • Students access a range of innovative learning environments through a variety of additional excursions, activities and guest speakers.
  • Students complete level 3 and 4 of the Compass Awards during year 7 and 8 in year 9 students complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • All students from the Enhancement Program will accelerate into VCE with at least one VCE subject being completed in year 10 

If your child is a enthusiastic student, gifted learner or community minded leader, then our enhancement program will provide them greater opportunity for higher education. Students finish with recognised certificates from “Duke of Edinburgh Australia”

Please click video below to see what the Enhancement Program has to offer your child:



Please feel free to contact Assistant Principal Josh Baker or Renee Barnett on 4241 8000 if you have any further questions.