Student Welfare

Student Wellbeing Leader

Oberon employs a full time Student Wellbeing Leader, Sam Mackenzie who is responsible for the organisation and management of Wellbeing support at Oberon High School. The primary focus is on prevention and early intervention programs and support for students which includes; confidential counselling for students, support for families, advocacy and referrals to agencies, external support service and programs, support for students facing difficulties and developing and delivering programs for students. Within the Student Wellbeing Team is a School Psychologist who is based at Oberon 1 day per week and provides support through Cognitive and Educational Assessments, some counselling and secondary consultations.


Students are able to make their own counselling appointments with Sam Mackenzie, or may be referred through their House Leader, a teacher or parent.  Counselling is only able to be offered on a short term basis and is confidential for the student. Limited counselling can be offered by the School Psychologist and referrals for this must come through Sam Mackenzie.  If a student requires intensive or long term counselling Sam Mackenzie will support with an appropriate referral to another counselling service.


The Student Wellbeing Team is able to support parents with advice and referrals to appropriate agencies and external support services to assist with any issues that the family may be facing that impacts upon their child at Oberon.  Parents can call the school office to speak to or make an appointment to meet with Sam Mackenzie or Russell Stubbings.


The Wellbeing Team offer many opportunities for students to be involved in Wellbeing Programs.  Some of the Wellbeing Programs are targeted to assist students experiencing particular issues whereas others are opportunities for students to experience a different type of learning in a new and exciting environment.  Some of the Programs that will be delivered in 2013 include: Bike Building Program, Garden Program, Boat Building Program, Boxing Program, Boys and Girls Mentoring Program, Free Breakfast Club – 2 days per week, Yr 7 Boys Skate Program, Year 8 Girls Night In and Various Lunchtime Activities.