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In 2020 Oberon is broadening its ICT options for students with the Year 7-9 Compulsory iPad Program being complimented with a Year 10-12 BYOD Program. Below is a range of options that we have selected that would best support your child’s learning. The Year 10-12 BYOD program is completely optional and the devices on display are only a recommendation.

Both programs provide opportunities for innovation and creativity while supporting the excellent academic culture that has already been developed at Oberon High School. See below for what is on offer for both programs:

Year 7 to 9 Compulsory iPad Program:

Two options are being presented in preparation for 2020’s program:

Option A:             Bring your own iPad (“iPad Air 2” or above)

Students can bring iPads that they have used at primary school or elsewhere. Protective covers are required and also be sure to have any restrictions or management enrolments removed from previous schools.

Option B:             Purchase via JB HiFi Education Solutions

Oberon has partnered with JB HiFi Education Solutions to provide a professional and trusted iPad purchasing solution. iPad packages will be offered with protective covers and insurance/accidental damage options. A link to the purchase portal is available via our school website (oberonhs.vic.edu.au).

  • iPad 7th Gen 10.2 Retina Wi-Fi 32GB – $471.31
  • iPad 7th Gen 10.2 Retina Wi-Fi 128GB– $608.97

Options include:

  • Applecare+ for iPad for 2 years (Optional cost $80.83)
  • Apple Pencil $139.87
  • Insurance from $98.01

iPad Keyboard Recommendations Due To NAPLAN Going Digital

NAPLAN testing will be delivered digitally and students will be required to type their responses to the “Writing” section.  We are strongly recommending students have a keyboard with their iPad to familiarise themselves with the skills required for the test conditions.  It will be beneficial for students to develop these skills on the device that will be used to administer the test and as well as continuing our focus on handwriting.  We intend to give the students opportunities to enhance their typing skills in the lead up to NAPLAN.

Year 10 to 12 Optional BYOD Program:

There will be two possible paths in preparation for the program:

Option A               Bring your own device (BYOD)

Students can bring a device that they already own or purchase a new device to meet their needs.  NB: This option may limit the scope of support that our school technicians can provide.

Devices must have support for windows 10 or MacOS 64bit operating systems, proxies and enterprise wireless networks.

Option B               Purchase through JB Education

Oberon has partnered with JB HiFi Education Solutions to provide a professional and trusted range of devices for purchase. The options are shown below:


  • iPad 7th Gen 10.2 Retina Wi-Fi 32GB – $471.31
  • iPad 7th Gen 10.2 Retina Wi-Fi 128GB– $608.97


  • MacBook Air 13.3-inch / i5 / 8GB / 128GB / OSX – $1527
  • MacBook Pro 13 / 13.3 / i5 / 8GB / 128GB / OSX – $ 1788

Lenovo Laptops 

  • Lenovo ThinkPad 11E 5th Gen / 11.6 / N4100 / 4GB / 128GB – $706.86
  • Lenovo ThinkPad L390 Yoga / 13.3 / i5 / 8GB / 128GB – $1275.64

Microsoft Surface 

  • Microsoft Surface Go / 10 Touch / Pentium Gold / 8GB / 128GB – $769.14
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop / 13.5 Touch / i5 / 8GB / 128GB – $1472.49
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6/ 12.3 Touch / i5 / 8GB / 128GB KB + Pen $1486


JB Education has a credit facility if desired.

JB Education Portal

School code: OHS2020

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Josh Baker, Assistant Principal on 5243 4444