Year 9 Central Australia

The year 9’s of 2012 had the opportunity of a life time to travel to Central Australia via Glenelg, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy and hitting the final destinations of Uluru, Katatjuta, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. It was a most successful trip and students listed many highlights:

Jed- Someone asking “How much petrol cost in Geelong because it’s only 4 cents here”.

Cody- Quadruple shoulder ride in the pool.

Kaitlyn- Seeing a dingo.

Tayla- Holding a two metre olive python.

Brayden- Sleeping under the stars.

Jemma H- Buying crocodile tissues for one of my numerous blood noses.

Joe (Skippy)- Yr 9’s, sand and reptiles. What a combination.

Gemma D- The helicopter ride.

Georgia- Uluru, Kings Canyon and many other memorable moments.

Rowan aka Ziggy- The Didgeridoo Show.

Liam C- Sunset at Uluru.

Angus- Dunking in the pool.

Jonny- Teachers were great.

Dougie- The pool and the sunset at Uluru.

Tristan- Getting to know everyone.

Shane- Great facilities in the caravan parks.

Lani- Loved the hot weather.

Harry- The walk around Kings Canyon.

Meg- Mr Fil’s bad jokes.

Alex- The spirit shown during our walk around Kings Canyon.

Jack S.- Seeing Uluru and the quad shoulder ride.

Bridie- Kareoke and the sunset at Uluru.

Emma- The relief of jumping in a cold pool after a hot day.

Lachie M- Helicopter and camel rides.

Molly- Hot weather and hanging with friends.

Maddie R- Holding a snake and the camel ride.

Brendan- The helicopter ride and the didgeridoo show.

Brooke- Friends, Karaoke and the didgeridoo show.

Daniel- Loved the pool and spending time with my friends.

Jesse- Helicopter ride over Kings Canyon.

Gloria- The food was great and sleeping under the stars.

Brodie R- Sleeping outside under the stars.

Liam M- Seeing Uluru for the first time.

Melissa- Going to the Sounds of Starlight theatre.

Maddi N- I loved every part of it.

Brodie T- Everthing was great especially sleeping under the stars.

Jayden- Learning about different culture and getting to know everyone.

Mitch- Best 9 days of my life.

Travis- Had a great time on camp. The return flight was a bit scary.

Brodie S- Getting a photo with the cute indigenous kids.

Kailah- Mae- Loved the heat, the pools, walking around Uluru. I loved it all.